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We’re as enthusiastic about your Health as we are about Ours…

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If you would like to be healthy or to want to lose body fat permanently even in your hardest spots, without drugs, without supplements and without any miracles, this will be the most important place to stop by. We guarantee it! Not through a long and difficult process of trial, error and experimentation but a 100% guaranteed system for losing body fat, based on often-missed nutrition secrets.


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We approach your target using simple and optimised techniques designed with your goals in mind. Because every Client is unique, we work with you to produce results based on your goals and without compromising on your personal and social commitments. We want you to Understand Yourself..


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  • We want to hear about your constraints.
  • Educate you about the human system.
  • Suggest a service type suitable for you.
  • Modify and Review your feedback on daily /weekly basis.
  • We set goals and guide you to reach them.


We believe a great experience is born from the right blend of knowledge and awareness, and neither one should be sacrificed for the other. Here is how we will work for you.

Myth Bursting 90%
Unconventional 80%
Personalized 100%

About BeWell

Bewell was created to simplify your doubts about diets, exercises and weight loss. We want everyone to make better health decisions through our support and reliable information. We believe in educating and empowering the individual to take progressive steps towards their health. We do this by offering a wide range of products and services to make Health-Accessible, Tasty and Inviting (interesting).

More about  Our Process

About Vivek

BeWell is headed by Vivekan (a.k.a) Vivek. He is a certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, and certified Fitness Nutrition Coach. He teaches practical and common sense strategies with an individualistic perspective to help you create new eating and healthy lifestyle habits. He consults with Athletes, Celebrities, Professional Body builders, Doctors, Workaholics, and anyone who can benefit from his services.

 Know More about Vivek


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