Bewell: A Year Later…

On this day, June 6, 2011, as I sit and write this message, it feels right to quietly contemplate the year that has passed and the hopes and goals for the future. Today is the eve of the one-year anniversary landmark for Bewell (7th June, 2010-7th June, 2011). What began as just a seed in my head is now a year old sapling; one I hope will grow and bear fruit in the years to come.

I would like to personally thank you for using our services at Bewell during the past year.

Working with clients, I learned very quickly that caring about your customers—building a relationship with them—is the very best way to take care of all their gift-giving or sentiment-expressing needs. At Bewell, that commitment to caring about clients has always been my priority.

Our service has been recognized by search industry experts like Google as being one of the most dependable and professional in the market, by ranking us within the top 2 slots in their opening page for the past year. But what really makes Bewell stand out from the crowd is the relationship we’ve established with our friends and valued customers, like you.

So, once again, my warmest thanks for all of your support and encouragement this past year.

My personal gratitude to:

  • Tash: for her support and care, especially when editing my blog.
  • Diva: for opting to train with me.
  • Bhargavi: for her photos that make me feel younger.
  • Rajeev: For guiding me in the creation of Bewell as a brand.
  • Maya & Sri: for their unconditional support and patronage.
  • Gopal Dev Rao: for his continuous referrals even though he did not personally follow my recommendations.
  • Shamna Kasim(Poorna): who has constantly made her directors and co-stars talk with me for a healthier lifestyle change.
  • Harish Kalyan: who will soon be the talk of the town for his body and tremendous energy levels that translate as great talent.

It would be shameful not to mention:

A bunch of other known referrals who have chosen not to be part of the Bewell family and made me learn bitter lessons…bitter but necessary lessons for life and for the growth and change required.

Institutions that have denied permission for me to train clients who believed in me. I have successfully been able to withstand such distractions and negativity, and sustain my efforts to help people and grow my clientele, despite accusations of being a poacher.

I look forward to building our relationship to better serve you in the near future, and hope you continue to enjoy using for many more years to come.

After 2011 the targets that Bewell has include:

  • Fitness centers
  • Nutritional Counseling centers
  • Personal Training centers

As a special thank you, this anniversary month, here’s an invitation to you: avail the opportunity for a single session of training or consultation for the services mentioned in our website, free of charge …

Looking forward to the opportunity to help you Understand Yourself.