Bewell: Two years Later…

“I have people in my life, on this site, in places I’m yet to discover, that always made me feel the truth of success.

It’s that time of the year again (7th June) when I need to write a letter. The only problem is that I don’t know how many can i thank for their support, its endless. I’ve learned so much from you all, and its imperative that i take time from your busy schedule to say a hearty THANK YOU for all your support.

In today’s competitive market place, you have many choices for your (health and fitness) needs, still you decided to go with BeWell.
We pride ourselves on honouring our customers, and our continued commitment is to provide you with the personal, prompt and professional service as you deserve. Thank you all for choosing our service(s)…

As targeted last year in my letter BeWell: A Year Later…i am on the verge of getting the personal training and nutritional counselling centre ready by the end of June. A personal thanks to the efforts by fabricators, painters and contractors to get the BeWell centre operational, though the deadline promised was earlier against which i had to commit to others who have believed in me. I would like to extend an apology for the delay to those of you to whom i had promised something much sooner.

BeWell’s aim is to be humanistic in bringing different people, organizations, communities and cultures to the forefront through our services and through
our blog (BeWell Informed) via the Internet platform.  We lay our foundation on friendship, peace and love amongst all people’s of the world allowing them to bring their ideas and thoughts without any propaganda or sentiments.

I hope to have through this platform people from all over the world contributing as much as they can for a better understanding of health and wellness. In short, I am keen have your good imaginations and expectations from us in order to share and expand those ideas locally and globally…

My personal gratitude to:

  • My Parents, Sister for accepting me as I am.
  • Deepak, Jeya for being as family and supporting me.
  • Jaya Murali for her unconditional support and putting up with my attitude.
  • Pandiyan and Kanna my brothers in arms for their support.
  • Selvi Jesudas for her belief in me and for the referrals…
  • Praveen keta; I know you are there for me through FB. However, you are still calling 😛
  • Moushmi for her “Fine” guidance and detailing concerning the studio.
  • Diwa for his patience and his faith in me that i can achieve; You did do me a favor standing by me. It means a lot 🙂

Thank you  all once again for giving  me the opportunity to assist you to understand yourself…

Be Happy & BeWell,

Ps: I am what I am because of my knowledge and experiences. you know WHO you are (and I know WHO you are) you are free to reproduce, relay, plagiarize my thoughts and concern through your myth debunking seminars; I want to thank you for the support in creating better awareness  to the masses about good health and nutrition…