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Salt- How you are Manipulated

What do soy sauce, cured meat and fish,  cheese, pickled cucumber, instant noodles, snacks like pretzels, fast food and even canned vegetables like sweet peppers all have in common?

Red Wine & Its Benefits: Really??

I’ve had countless clients, family members, and friends ask me if wine can really improve overall health? Their claim is wine contains antioxidants that can be great for raising good cholesterol levels (HDL) and keeping your arteries clean and clear.

A date called Tamar Hind: Tamarind

In many tropical countries like India, Puli in Tamil, Imili in Hindi,(a.k.a)tamarind in English is blended with sugar or jaggery and eaten as a tangy snack because of the many health benefits tamarind offers for overall general health.

A myth called PMS !!

One of the modern-day myths I want to talk about is the mysterious and all-powerful…PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome! that haunts all women every month, What if its utter nonsense and one of the biggest myths ever cooked…