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Chikoo: Health benefits

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully those of us who made New Year’s resolutions can bring them to fruition in 2012. For many of us, our goals are aimed at living healthier lives and becoming stronger, happier and…

PCOS: Facts

People believe that if women get their menstrual period on a monthly basis, it means that they are healthily ovulating each month as well. This is not exactly true. Having regular menstrual cycle does not transcend to regular ovulation.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice

Over three billion people worldwide depend on rice for over half of  their daily total calorie intake. All rice is not created equal. When deciding which type of rice to eat, you might want to take the following comparisons into consideration.

Vitamin C: An Insight

In the coming weeks my emphasis would be on Important Vitamins that essential for our healthier well being and optimal functioning. This article is about my favorite “C” which is a water soluble vitamin…