Chikoo: Health benefits

The holidays have come and gone, and hopefully those of us who made New Year’s resolutions can bring them to fruition in 2012. For many of us, our goals are aimed at living healthier lives and becoming stronger, happier and more energetic.

If you ate too many sugary treats during the holidays, sugar cravings may still be dancing in your head.Luckily, you can shrink your sweet obsession and trim your waistline with some easy, natural solutions that tame blood sugar, one such treat is called chikoo/chiku/sapota in India. Scientifically referred to as Manilkara zapota, the English name of the chikoo fruit is Sapodilla.

Native to southern Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. It is grown in huge quantities in India, Mexico and was introduced to the Philippines during Spanish colonisation. Rich Source of – Antioxidants, vitamins A & C, potassium, copper, iron and vitamins like folate, niacin and pantothenic acid.

Nutrient Value: Ideally a raw sapodilla about 150-170gms can provide the approx nutrient values;

Calories (kcal) 141.1
Carbs 33.93 Grams

Protein 0.75 Grams
Fat 1.87 Grams
Cholesterol 0 Mg
Fiber 9.01 Grams
Water 132.6 Grams

Calcium    35.7 Mg
Iron    1.36 Mg
Magnesium    20.4 Mg
Phosphorus    20.4 Mg
Potassium    328.1 Mg
Sodium    20.4 Mg
Zinc    0.17 Mg
Copper    0.15 Mg
Manganese    0 Mg
Selenium    1.02 Mcg

Vitamin C    24.99 Mg
Thiamin    0 Mg
Riboflavin    0.03 Mg
Niacin    0.34 Mg
Pantothenic acid    0.43 Mg
Vitamin B-6    0.06 Mg
Folate, total    23.8 Mcg
Vitamin B-12    0 Mcg
Vitamin A    102 IU
Vitamin E    0.43 Mg_ATE

Saturated Fatty Acids    0.33 Grams
Monounsaturated Fatty Acids    0.89 Grams
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids    0.02 Grams




Note: Contrary to popular belief Chickoo is not fattening. In fact the fruit is fat free and its rich sweetness is an excellent way to curb sweet cravings.


Trivia: The bark of the sapodilla tree secretes milky white and gummy latex, which is used in the manufacture of chewing gums.

Health Benefits

  • Sapodilla fruit nullifies the effect of free radicals formed as a result of various biological reactions, leading to tumors and cancer.
  • Consumption of Sapota helps to keep congestion and chronic coughs at bay, since its an expectorant aiding in removal of mucous and phlegm.
  • Its high Vitamin A content ensures that your eyes remain healthy.
  • Sapodilla fruit also helps in regulating the secretion of gastric enzymes, thereby regulating metabolism which indirectly benefits any weight loss and obesity prevention goals.
  • Sapodilla is also diuretic in action. It helps in the removal of waste materials from the body by frequent urination. It also helps maintain the water concentration of the body, preventing edemas or water retention.
  • Its also an anti-inflammatory agent; this means that it can be used to prevent gastritis, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Chikoo is rich in carbohydrates and high nutrition content, which is essential for pregnant and lactating mothers, it is often prescribed to help reduce weakness and symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and dizziness.