Detox by Juicing? Weight Loss Facts

So, is it a bad thing to lose weight if your fat releases toxins when you mean to burn it? Would obese people be better off staying obese rather than dumping a bunch of pollutants into their bloodstream if they don’t Detox?

We know for a fact that lowering your body fat can lead to better quality of life and lower risks of most chronic diseases. The build-up of pollutants in adipose tissue is actually linked to adverse outcomes with conditions like hypertension, glucose intolerance, and other components of the metabolic syndrome..

Welcome to the new found world called “DETOX“; You’ve probably heard about “toxins being released via Detox” from a friend say something like this: “Yeah, I’m on a  juice diet and and
I feel like crap if i have anything processed, its all toxic…”

These reactions are typically described as signs that the treatment is working and that their body is going through the process of cleaning itself of impurities, toxins, and imbalances. So, is there any evidence showing that people undergoing weight loss via detox/juicing may be releasing stored pollutants? The promise of fast weight loss, removing toxins, improving digestion and fighting just about every ailment known to mankind is pretty enticing. Is there anything to to do with fat loss?

Juicing can certainly be a good way to get vitamins and minerals, but juicing the wrong way can be deadly.

A few facts for your to consider.


  • Fast weight loss through liquid diets and otherwise insufficient calories does not boost your metabolism – it shuts it down.
  • The metabolic and hormonal response due to low dense foods will continue to tell your body to eat more and often in order to work your storage hormones back.
  • Yes, a healthy digestive system is important, but in the absence of a medical condition, this can be achieved through balanced dietary choices that keep healthy bacteria thriving in your gut.
  • Feelings of increased energy during a cleansing protocol is purely from the sudden dosages of vitamins and minerals that gets consumed through such protocol.
  • When calorie restriction is for long period of time, you will naturally feel weak and tired because you have reduced your intake in the name of portion control. not because of the toxins of course, you can feel “crappy” while doing so.
  • When you begin any diet program, you’re often losing water weight first and that will make you lose electrolytes, the loss of electrolytes can lead to dizziness and “brain fog.”
  • We have a built-in mechanism – a legacy left over from our ancestors who had to go days without food during times of famine a sudden access to a fruit would have made them feel
    energetic purely because of the electrolytes and sugar.

if it is toxins that are slowing you down? Take comfort in the fact that the blah feeling will eventually go away, especially if you’ve cleaned up your personal environment. You can do so just by drink plenty of water, keep sweating so that your skin is able to do it’s detoxification duty, ensure there is more fiber in your diet. So just be smart about taking care of your body as you shed that fat—and the toxins that go along with it.