Read this before you buy Eggs?

Eggs, They taste delicious and they are one of the most perfect All natural high quality protein on the planet.

 With no doubts about the white having some of the highest quality protein, the yolk is the healthiest part of the egg. Regardless of what your doctor tells you, Yolks are full with healthy omega 3 fats and other key vitamins your body needs. However, do you know how to buy the right kind of eggs!!

Claims on egg cartons can be VERY misleading..” 

Cage free,Free-range,pastured,organic, Vegetarian eggs, added omega-3 etc etc…which of these can you trust?
Its as simple as ” the healthiest hens lays the healthiest eggs”.
In a more detailed way, if i could explain: hens need to have access to sunshine and be able to eat the omnivorous diet they’re supposed to eat. Yes, hens are in fact omnivores (mostly insectivores), and do not usually eat the grains most factories feed them with now a days.

If you can only get regular factory eggs from your local grocery store, they could still be packed into an overcrowded  factories / barn in the dark – leading to very poor life conditions, leading to eggs that contain way LESS nutrients. Their only chance of health claim could be that they’re still a MUCH better choice than any energy bar, pastries, or breakfast cereals.

Also be advised, that now days due to the scientific and industrial advancement, Fake eggs can be manufactured using industrial chemicals. These chemically made non natural eggs will block your natural ability to burn fat and trigger more cravings.

This lovely infographic will explain the facts about the yolks and whites.