SALT can be: A Killer

Salt is one of the most basic and universal food seasonings. Historically, salt has been an extraordinarily valuable food preservative for most cultures in the world. Natural salt contains a vast array of essential minerals and continues to be incredibly valuable for our health. Today, modern refineries have chemically altered most salt making it hazardous for human consumption.

Salt is currently considered a leading culprit for high blood pressure and other health problems. This is based on the premise that a high sodium intake creates high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks, arterial, and kidney problems. Salt is high in sodium. But sodium is essential for proper absorption of other major nutrients and functioning of nerves and muscles, as well as being necessary for balancing water and minerals in the body.

The “salt” used in our foods is not actually salt at all. It’s really refined sodium, with added bicarbonates, chemicals, sugars and preservatives. The refining process strips the essential minerals (60 trace minerals) from the salt. Many of the preservatives in table salt (or iodized salt) are not required to be listed on the container and include ferrocyanide, magnesium carbonate, and aluminum hydroxide which is used as an anti-moisture additive. Such processing methods take the “life” out of the salt, thus making the unnatural sodium chloride and chemical fillers more challenging to metabolize.

Typical table salt is composed of 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as anti-flow and anti-caking agents. The body must sacrifice tremendous amounts of energy and up to 23 times the cell water to neutralize the damaging effects of the salt. The following conditions are because of the body’s inability to process these substances.

Cellulite, Rheumatism, Arthritis, & Gout, Kidney & Gall Bladder stones, and High Blood Pressure.

There is an increased risk of neurological development problems in infants born to mothers who had low levels of the thyroid hormone in early pregnancy. Even mild isolated thyroid problems can interfere with fetal brain development. A lack of trace iodine causes goiter, an ugly swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck. If the deficiency persists, the thyroid gland shrinks. Since the thyroid regulates the production and release of hormones including brain hormones, the body cannot run smoothly without it. People can quickly lose mental faculties and even regress to mental retardation.

Regular table salt, refined, sometimes has iodine added in order to promote thyroid health. However there is less iodized salt now than before, and the amount of iodine in iodized salt is insufficient for optimum thyroid health anyway. Iodine is an important agent for glandular health, yet it is scarcely present in our food anymore.

Salt cravings can be an important clue or sign that your thyroid and adrenal glands may be in need of minerals. If you satisfy those salt cravings with refined (mineral-depleted) table salt and processed foods, you will continue to weaken vital organs.

Ladies, pay attention to your salt intake as you follow your monthly menstrual cycle. If you eat too much salt then, it can stop the flow of blood and you will not have a complete cleansing as nature intends. Over 85% of all sea salt producers use a refining process for their salt production. Unfortunately, many of our lakes and oceans are loaded with toxic poisons like mercury. Oil spills can contaminate the oceans’ salt stores for more than a decade after the spill.

Remember to listen to your body when it comes to the use of these processed salts. Certain body types depend on more salts than others. If you crave salts, you are typically in need of trace minerals. Follow your instincts and use a bit more pink/brown or natural salt on your food. If you have no craving for salt, then only use small amounts of natural salts.

I would recommend you follow your own intuition and cravings as long as you use only high-quality, mineral-rich salt to satisfy your salt needs. Listen to your body, and you’ll take in the amount you need as your body seeks balance. Would you not listen to your inner voice while buying a car/jewelery/watch or while making a career move that pays you well or when you react to a situation or when you make a choice of restaurant?



* All living creatures need salt to stay alive, especially human beings. The human body is 75% water, all of which is maintained as a salt water solution. It is called isotonic saline, and occurs at 0.9%.
* This solution can be duplicated and is sold commercially as an intravenous fluid.
* Most processed foods contain high amounts of processed salt. It can lead to retentions based bodily issues and diseases.
* Salt is a naturally occurring antihistamine. It can help clear nasal and sinus congestion.