Secrets You Don’t Know About Skim Milk

In case you’ve been led to believe these lies, I’ve got a few things I’d like you to know about the darling of the dairy industry, skim milk!! People have always bought into the idea that that saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease and any or all fat is unhealthy.
When cream is skimmed from milk, the remaining fat-free milk used to be considered a nearly useless byproduct after obtaining the cream. However, the dairy industry are able to profit off of both products due to the trend in peoples mindset about fat being un healthy.

While processing skim milk, normal powdered milk is often added into the unprocessed milk that has a very unappetizing taste! The proteins found in the powdered milk are so denatured and oxidized that they contribute towards buildup of cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

Like humans any mammal is prone to get sick during its lifetime, so the cows are often given antibiotics to keep then alive not healthy so the manufactures running the concentrated animal feeding operations can continue to milk the cows. Are you are of pus cells? close to 600million pus cells in one liter of milk can be should legally without even getting attention in the ingredient list.

Then there are growth hormones that genetically modify the cow’s natural growth are use to simulate increased milk production.
Cows get their vitamin E, A, and K from the nutrients if they eat in grass, and vitamin D from cruising around in the sunlight all day. These are fat-soluble vitamins.

How does your skim milk  guarantee these vitamins?
Well, it does provide a bit of denatured , potentially quite harmful protein, thanks to
high-heat pasteurization chemically-synthesized vitamin D is usually added since confinement cows are severely lacking in it. What do you think your skim milk has? will it be Vitamin d3 or the synthetic D2!! This process is called fortification but its worthless to your body.

Fat-free skim milk wont help you avoid heart disease just because it lacks the saturated fat and cholesterol that whole milk contains. This about how dairy was consumed by or forefathers and ancestors?
It was always consumed in its whole, full-fat form before the industrialization of foods began yet none had heart disease.

Today our children who are guinea pigs of this misguided nutritional advice tend to drink fat-free milk instead of whole milk, They certainly aren’t any thinner for sure from it.

The best choice is fresh, clean milk from happy cows grazing on the grass of a real farm. Just the way it came from the cow — whole, unprocessed, and with all its nutrients intact. Including the fat.

For your good Health,