Tomme Fraiche Cheese

Tomme Fraiche Cheese

155.00 +GST

  • 130 Gms Approx
  • Traditionally Cultured
  • Cellulose Free
  • Zero Additives
  • Farm Fresh

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Our cheese is made from 100% natural raw milk from heirloom cows that pasture graze daily. The distinct speciality of this Cheese is the way we culture our milk, we never warm the milk above 102 degree Fahrenheit, allowing for the development of a distinct milk aroma in our cheese. Each batch is carefully aged and hand-selected by our own cheese masters, with more than 20 years of experience in making cheese. We really care about quality, and aim to make the healthiest cheese in the country.


When it comes to the food we eat, our strong belief is “You Are: What You Eat“. To enhance this motive, we believe that the less complicated the production process is, the healthier and safer the food will be. BeWell will accomplish this mission by educating individuals and families about the food they eat, creating connections between producers and end consumers and bringing food products to easily accessible locations like your Home.


Pure whole cow-milk, vegetable enzyme and sea salt.