Understand Your Weighing Scale?

In case you’re the kind of individual who utilises your weighing scale as motivator to change your conduct in a positive way and to influence you to cut back on portion sizes for a few days, then the scale is a great tool for you.

However, If you’re specific about getting in shape, or have goals to lose body fat permanently. Try not to get into the comfort of weighing yourself at regular intervals.

Why will this be counterproductive?

It takes time for your body to lose fat. Stepping on the scales on a daily basis will lead you to distrust your plan. A lot of this comes down to diet, and if you have made positive changes to your diet,Your body would have started to make crucial adaptations with just this one key principle.

Few of the benefits/symptoms that you will be able to instantly realise will be How your energy levels have recharged you? How your muscles feel – do they still ache a lot? How well is your sleep?

On a long term basis, when you are consistent body would have started to make crucial adaptations during this time. first would be adding muscle ( increasing your BMR), bones becoming more dense (a more long term process but worth bearing in mind) and beginning the process of improving your body’s hormonal functioning – a crucial aspect of fat loss.

What should you do?

You should also think about why you are stepping on the scales. All it shows is a number, it doesn’t tell you anything about the actual change your body is going through. Because,when you see an extra pound or two on the scale it affects your whole day and makes you go back to your old habits of relating to food in despair,If so
then everyday weighing is not for you.

You’re probably better off weighing yourself only once a week, which will wash out some of the minor day-to-day fluctuations. Or, trash the scale altogether and buy a pair of jean or a skirt that is one size small to gauge how you’re doing.

Getting your plan right is therefore the key. The goal should not be “I want to lose 10 kilos”, So please trust your plan and don’t get caught up in short-term numbers. It should be that you want to change your lifestyle, to look & feel better about yourself.