Counting calories is not weight loss !!

Tracking every scrap that goes in your mouth may give you a feeling of control over your food but it doesn’t mean you’re getting enough of the nutrients your body needs.

Take for example those who eat processed, portion-controlled, “diet” meals ? End or start of the day, You know who you are! better than anyone else.  If you think that a calocounting finalrie is a calorie—and it doesn’t matter if it comes from your greens or cookies, then it’s time to rethink what you think you know about calories. //No PUN INTENDED//

You,didn’t become overweight overnight. Rather, the pounds added up slowly, often unnoticed or ignored, until one day nothing in the closet fits the way it used to. This is a result of a complex metabolic issue that has become weak over time. Who has weakened it? You!!

Here is an infograph to make you rethink on your calories.

Fact: Food calories or kilocalories (kcal) are a way of measuring the thermal potential of stored energy in foods.  The standard of measure is one kcal when burned will release enough energy (heat) to raise the temperature of one kg (one litre) of water to one degree Celsius.

The one size fits all model for the energy content of foods just does not work. It is much more complex than that. The calorie model we use as a general thumb rule is an extremely rough guide at absolute best.

I am not asking you to completely forget about calories, but just realize they are the all of how to eat, and eat only when you are hungry. In order to curb appetite, feed your body with foods that fill your belly, send the message of satiety to the brain and supply the body with health-enhancing nutrients.

Before i windup, thought of asking you this? Did you ever count calories during your youthful days!!
For your good health.