Bewell: Three years later

It has been 3 years since I planted my first sapling called “BeWell” and establishing it as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultancy firm to serve those who are in need of real world solutions for their ever worrying Weight or Fitness issues.

Its that time of the year when i should sincerely thank you all for supporting my efforts and sharing my take on diet, nutrition and weight management.

I realize you have other choices when it comes to health and fitness and would like to thank you for choosing Bewell as your one stop service provider for your Health Management issues. I knew for sure that it was the first step in starting a relationship with all who believed in me and my teaching, Thanks once again for your trust and appreciation.

At Bewell, one of the most important factors we want you to know is to Understand Yourself and that is the solution we aim to provide, be it a Personalized Diet or Training or Sport specific Training or Rehab .

“If you haven’t gained weight from a Gym, why do want to go to one to lose it?” –  hasn’t that been my primary question to all those who have met me for a consultation? Hope you are happy for making me help you Understand Yourself

I have also been asked by a few, if I am expensive as a service provider. My answer to that is Hell Yes, I am. Because it’s an experience that delivers solutions not hope, through the personal one on one sessions (couple & Group consultation and training excluded). I do this purely by choice because I want to give you the best in business. Which clearly means, Bewell is not for everyone. It’s only for those who can appreciate quality, privacy and time.

My agenda for the years to come will be;

  1. Setup transformation projects (pictures of a few achievers to be revealed soon)
  2. Post health recipe articles by guests/clients/friends anyone who can do so on our blog & our FB page.
  3. Review restaurants in India and Abroad that offer the best healthy meal for the money you pay.
  4. Connect organic producers with consumers via the Bewell network and Bewell Farm share projects.

Thanks again for believing in me and for being my client or following me on Facebook and Twitter. It’s my privilege, my honor and my pleasure to be your one stop fitness and health resource. For others who appreciate good health you don’t have to wait until our first meeting to get started. Please join one of our social communities Facebook or Twitter

My personal Gratitude to;

  • Moushmi for her support and acceptance.
  • Deepak & Diwa: Don’t know how to thank you guys for being there unconditionally.
  • Jeya: Sistah, It’s great to have you around laa.
  • Pandiyan and Kanna: Brothers in arms yet again.
  • Bru: The best teacher I have had ever…

Understand yourself and Bewell,


  1. In my quest to promote Healthier Lifestyle scenarios, via blog or through social networking, I am curious to know about the lack of inquisitiveness among the readers. If you feel that the site is not interactive, do suggest your expectations from Bewell…
  2. This is for those of you who want to claim that their body outsmarts them by every second and want to hang out with family and friends watching a movie or going to the beach. Please remember whatever I had told you about nutrition and yes its 80% responsible to bring the healthier change desired. If your plate outsmarts you do ask yourself these questions the next time you are decide to be  healthy;
  • Are you ready to commit?
  • Are you willing to listen?
  • Are you willing to believe in yourself?

I am happy to know that you want to donate the money to needy rather than spending it on yourself (read giving it to me). I wish you the best of good health… BeWell