D.I.Y instructions to messup your Thyroid !!!

This post will absolutely guide you to ruin your thyroid. Yes, the tiny gland that looks like a butterfly in your throat? Why this D.I.Y instruction to help you mess it up? because the thyroid is responsible for the metabolism of every cell in your body.

Lets get to the point straight of how to mess it up!

General thumb rule is by incorporating a combination of  lots of cardio, some useless weight training, a busy work life, cutting sleep here and there, eating quick meals called junk foods..,

For better results follow these techniques to the “T”…

Do some really hard or long exercises.

  • Daily routine of weightlifting, Crossfit, or heart pumping sessions for a minimum 1 hour per day.
  • ensure you clock miles while running or biking at the same tempo pace, day after day.
  • A 2-3 hour run nearly every weekend while training for your next marathon.
  • Limit recovery to a minimum of “0” days and for your sake ensure you are strict with zero recovery weeks.

Never go out of your way to eat real foods.

  • Skip Lots and lots of very, very dark vegetables and fruits.
  • Fermented and sun dried goodies like pickles from chillies,lemons, bitter orange(citron),ginger, olives,jalapenos,kimchi etc .
  •  Never touch river water fish, country eggs, grass fed beef or mutton.
  •  Its a must that you should not touch bone broth soup because it may nourish your liver.

Avoid any natural thyroid-supporting nutrients at all costs.
Please do not eat:

  • Ridge gourd,Seaweed,turnip, spinach or mainly for iodine.
  • Brazil nuts, melon seeds, grape seeds or shellfish for selenium.
  • Aloe Vera, coconut oil, or boiled ginger for gut thyroid conversion.

These foods are hard to open and/or strange to eat. They are a waste of your time and efforts, avoid them.

After practicing everything above, how will you know if you’ve actually succeeded in messing your thyroid?

Here are  a few best clues you must enjoy :

  • You feel fatigued. No matter how much you sleep – if at all you can sleep.
  • Your brain gets foggy and every afternoon you will feel Sluggish. You must crave for salty foods.
  • You get moody. You snap. Then you get depressed. Then anxious. And repeat…all day long.
  • Your digestion should slows down. You will enjoy unlimited gas and bloating issues! Maybe constipation too.
  • Your skin gets kinda dry. A little hair falls out. Wounds don’t heal as fast. Aging challenges you faster than your text message.
  • And most easily, it gets harder to burn fat, especially on your belly and hips and thighs and around your arms that needs a tattoo decoration.

Still not there yet! You can also you fix this with lots of money on cosmetics and fancy medication. After all, you’ll have to live for yourself every day!