Is Your Work Out Helping You Not Hurting You

Working out should be something that is both fun and beneficial. The body responds almost immediately to proper training, but it also responds to improper training. Improper training can lead to aches and pain down the road, or even muscles tears. Are you working out the right way?

Misconception #1: Cardio Has To Be Torturous
Steady-state cardiovascular training (Cardio) : Running long distances may be great for a couple of things, many people are made to believe that long-distance running is the best way to lose weight and improve overall health. Well, burning fat is not one of them. Why?

It makes your body a more efficient fat burner – exactly what you are trying to avoid. If you become more efficient at burning fat, you will have to consistently run further (work longer) to burn the same amount of fat you did when you first began training.

It reduces your lean body mass (reduces muscle) – Muscle is a highly energetic tissue, it also acts as a furnace that burns excess body fat, provided the body’s internal environment is healthy and functioning optimally. Reduce the size of the furnace, you reduce the demand for energy and your fat burning capabilities its that simple.

It doesn’t agitate your body enough – Research shows that one of the best ways to burn body fat is to exercise in a way that can burn the furnace long after your training session has ended (The term for this is EPOC: Excess post oxygen consumption). Slow boring cardio doesn’t do that. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is actually much more beneficial and takes dramatically less time. This form of cardiovascular exercise involves switching from a period of low intensity activity into a highly intense period of activity.Of course starting out you will want to adjust to this routine based on your fitness level. Yes, Its a myth that you need to do cardiovascular training daily.

Misconception #2: Low weights and High Repetitions will give you a toned look

Low weight, high repetition training is good for three things:
1. Introducing a beginner to strength training.
2. Developing strength endurance.
3. To psychologically convince somebody who is afraid of bulking up.

Muscle tone simply means muscle tension the firmness/hardness of a muscle. To get that firm, toned feel, you have got to get stronger and build muscle. How do you do this? Pick up heavy weights.

For the lean look? Eat better! You can lift until you have the strength and muscle tone of Atlas, but poor dietary habits will still keep you trapped in an excess layer of body fat. Remember, You are: What you eat.

Misconception #3: If You Work The Same Muscle Every day, It Will Grow
Every muscle group needs a minimum of two or three days rest time. While the exact number of days is up for debate, the principal idea remains the same. It is not beneficial to work the same muscle group twice within a 2-3 day period. Remember during workouts your muscle is at stress. Stressing the same muscles or their groups every day will tear these muscles up, as the muscles do not get enough rest in-between workouts. This leads to muscle tears, sprains, and muscle bruising. Proper workout regimentation separates the muscle groups into their own specific days, with a proper amount of rest.

Misconception #4: The Longer, The Better
Contrary to what you have heard, a longer workout does not lead to better muscular gains. In fact, a longer workout can be detrimental to your muscular gains. After a period of roughly 45 minutes, the body has been found to go into a catabolic state. In this state, the body feeds off of the muscles for energy. This comes with a host of damaging side effects and problems. Not being able to burn fat is one of them.

Misconception #5: The secret to an amazing body lies in a pill, powder, or potion.

Certain products can assist you in getting in shape, but it will always require proper training and the right nutritional plan to go along with them. Most supplement companies own the fitness magazines. which give them rave reviews for 5 page pullout ads. The truth is most of the products are made with rice flour, fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners. These are destroying the body from the inside out.

Remember! Everybody makes mistakes, but only if they try. If I can teach you anything, it is to think for yourself, instead of being told what to think.


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