Can Clean Eating be Healthy?

You do your best to keep up with the latest news on what foods are healthy, and which aren’t. That nutritional advice of clean eating is more likely to make you ill than healthy.

Do you really need all that salt in salad dressing?  Why eat the egg yolk when the whites have no calories? 

You read blogs, and learn why some foods contribute to cancer, cause inflammation, and make you fat. Then you don’t eat these foods, even if you love them. Is it entirely clear why ‘eating clean’, by avoiding gluten and certain carbs, would keep us healthy? In fact carbohydrates are crucial; they represent the body’s main energy supply and should make up half of each meal.
The biggest truth as how Nigella says is “People are using certain diets as a way to hide an eating disorder or a great sense of unhappiness with their own body.”

Food is an expression of love and affection; a way of showing we care. And food is also about pleasure.So enjoying food should be in moderation. The most important psychology when it comes to “You are: What You Eat” should be, it’s important to eat well for the best possible health. But what and how we eat should never determine how we feel about ourselves or most importantly how not how others should JUDGE you… Period

The idea of exercising control over what they eat to the point where it interferes with living a normal life, Don’t be fooled by diet fads and cleanses that claim to eliminate toxins dietary “detoxes” are bogus and wont work after 72 hours. Your Liver, kidneys can do that for you on a daily basis with the a few kitchen herbs.

Wasn’t food really about family, connections and community?

Think when did your food make you unhappy in the first place? My guess will be when you started clean eating! What if you didn’t have to live in constant fear of damaging your health, or gaining fat, if you ate a “bad” food? What if you could finally relax about your diet?

your quest for perfection may give rise to another addiction: a sense of superiority, which begets another addiction — isolation. Without realising it, social events become stressful. Choose to eat well as a form of self-respect and out of gratitude for the health you want and not for any society values that approves you on the lines clean eating.